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Master Your Moods for Menopause: A Practical Guide to Feel More Like Yourself (Paperback)

Master Your Moods for Menopause: A Practical Guide to Feel More Like Yourself (Paperback)

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  • Scheduled to be released in the new year (2024). Pre-order now!
  • By Dr. Jacqui Fleury, N.D.
  • Format: Paperback


Menopause can be a very tumultuous time for women, both emotionally and physically.

And unfortunately, it's often the first time in a woman's life that she starts to evaluate her own life, her own health, and her own future in a way that she hasn't done during her younger years when she was busy putting everyone before herself.  But if you google Menopause or menopausal symptoms, there are many sites that describe the horrors of menopause, and some fluffy suggestions on how to cope with it, but no real solutions for the kinds of results women are looking for at this time of their life.

There is a certain level of desperation for these women when these symptoms come on suddenly.

Because with a lack of sleep, brain fog, weight gain and depression, it doesn't take long before her motivation, friendships, relationships, and overall quality of life deteriorate rapidly.

This book is written for the woman who needs information and guidance now. Not months from now after she gets a referral to a gynecologist and a counsellor and a prescription for one or more medications.

This is a practical guide. Backed by research, yes. But equally importantly, is a summary of my 25 years of clinical experience and observations from working with thousands of women who have walked the journey of menopause.

And it is written for the woman who wants an action plan and a clear understanding that menopause is not a medical condition.

It is a life transition.

And most importantly, menopause is a gateway to the beautiful opportunities that lie ahead.

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